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Saint Paul University welcomes the Indigenous Pastoral Leadership Formation Program

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From Monday, July 30, to Friday, August 3, Saint Paul University (SPU) is hosting the Indigenous Pastoral Leadership Formation Program. Offered in English for a seventh consecutive year, this course is for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who wish to provide transformative leadership in their community.

Combining practice and wisdom
“In this program,” says Lorraine Ste-Marie, Ph.D., professor and vice-dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences at SPU, “participants explore Indigenous traditions, strengthen their leadership and improve their pastoral practice.” Donna Naughton, executive director of Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa, echoes these thoughts. “This year,” she explains, “the theme of the formation is ‘I Give You My Word,’ as in ‘I share my wisdom with you.’ We are integrating our ancestral knowledge and the teachings of our living Church with the Christian faith.”

An instrument of reconciliation
With collaboration by Indigenous leaders, the program is in line with the approach that SPU has undertaken to incorporate an Indigenous aspect in teaching and research. “Mutual respect and a better understanding of the Other,” says Lorraine Ste-Marie, “contribute to healing and reconciliation.” An Indigenous facilitator and two elders are present throughout the formation to guide the group as it explores Indigenous ceremonies.

A nationwide reach
The result of a partnership established between Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa and SPU through the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality and the Centre for Religious Education and Catechesis, this one-of-a-kind course attracts participants from across Canada every year. Since the program started in 2012, more than 100 people have received this formation. According to Donna Naughton, it would not be surprising to see satellite programs start elsewhere in the country in the years ahead.

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