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Research Chairs

Research Chair for Religious History of Canada

The Research Chair for Religious History of Canada was created by the Council of Administration of Saint Paul University in April 2013. Like the Centre of the same name, which it is replacing, the Chair aims to promote quality research in the field of Canadian religious history by providing researchers working in this area with research instruments that may be useful for them and by organizing gatherings that allow them to share the results of their research or to open up new fields of research.

Chair holder: Prof. Pierre Hurtubise, o.m.i. 

Chair in Christian Family Studies 

Established in 2001, the Chair promotes an integrated theological and ethical reflection on various aspects of family life that contribute to its stability and well-being, especially the spiritual, cultural, social, and pastoral aspects, in order to contribute to the revitalization of the family and to continue to recognize the privileged role the family plays in building and transforming the Christian community.

Chair holder: Martin Rovers 

Mercy and Presentation Sisters Chair 

Created in 2007, the Chair supports research in the field of religious education and catechetics.

Chair holder: Miriam K. Martin

 Research Chair in Clinical and organizational Bioethics

Established in 2018, the Research Chair in clinical and organizational bioethics engages with an interdisciplinary community of national and international scholars, clinicians, organizational/governance leaders, policy makers, and Catholic/faith-based and secular health organizations.  It extends to the fields of health sciences and biomedicine, while its outcomes focus on developing practices, programming, and practical guidelines that address ethical challenges and conflict scenarios. Ultimately, it is about developing professional development and academic programming in support of an expanded and sustainable national community of practice in clinical and organizational bioethics.

To address this evolving situation, the Chair in Clinical and Organizational Bioethics at Saint Paul University is leading in developing and disseminating ethics-based practical applications to contemporary questions focused on patient care, leadership, and governance in our health/continuing care system.

Chair holder: Hazel Markwell