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Sometimes it is not possible for students to pay their tuition fees; combining work with study may not be enough to pay all education-related costs. Beyond our diverse activities with the Office of Research and Ethics, we always strive to find scholarships offered by organizations external to Saint Paul University. Scholarships vary widely with flexible admission criteria.

The bursaries Deadline Amount For who
The Online Learning Scholarship 2018-01-10 $1,500 high school; college; B.A.
CPAC Education Scholarship 2018-01-15 $3,000 B.A.
CPAC-TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship 2018-01-15 $3,000 B.A. (2nd year +)
CPAC Trailblazer Scholarship 2018-01-15 $3,000 high school; B.A.
Margaret McNamara Educational Grant 2018-01-15 up to US $15,000 women in B.A.; M.A.; PhD
The Jacob Zilber Prize for Short Fiction 2018-01-15 $400 - $1,500 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
2018 ACB Scholarship 2018-01-15 $1,000 - $4,000 legally blind entering B.A.; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
The London Goodenough Association of Canada Scholarship 2018-01-26 £6,000 M.A.; PhD
Scholarships for students with disabilities 2018-01-31 Tuition Fees Students with disabilities
Canadian Soroptimist Grants for Women 2018-01-31 $7,500 M.A.; PhD (women)
McEuen Scholarship (Scottland) 2018-01-31 variable (full tuition; residence fees; book allowance) high school entering B.A.; B.A.
ICCC Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Scholarship 2018-01-31 $500 B.A. (2nd year +)
3M National Student Fellowship 2018-01-31 $5,000 B.A.
SeniorsZen Scholarship 2018-01-31 $500 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme 2018-01-31 $2,000 - $3,000 B.A.
FTE's Fellowship for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students 2018-02-01 depends on students financial need Ph.D.;Th.D.
FTE's Fellowship for Doctoral Students of African Descent 2018-02-01 depends on students financial need Ph.D.;Th.D.
Poke Thrift Scholarship 2018-02-10 $1,500 college; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
2018 Explore Bursary 2018-02-15 $2,200 grade 11 or 12; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
Sleep Importance Scholarship 2018-02-15 $1,500 college; B.A.
Desjardins Foundation Scholarship 2018-02-19 $1,500 B.A.; $3,000 M.A.; $10,000 PhD B.A.; M.A.; PhD
2017/18 Annual PottyHQ Scholarship 2018-02-25 $1,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program 2018-02-28 $4,000 B.A.; aboriginal students
Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program 2018-03-06 2,500 Yuan (B.A.); 3,000 Yuan (M.A.); 3,500 Yuan (PhD; senior scholars) B.A.; M.A.; PhD; senior scholars
Be-Art Presets Academic Scholarship 2018-04-01 $5,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD
FTE's Forum for Theological Educators 2018-04-16 covers cost of travel and lodging Ph.D.;Th.D.
Nursing Scholarship 2018-04-30 $3,000 high school; college; B.A.
Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick Scholarship Program 2018-04-30 Vary from year to year entering B.A.; B.A.
Graham Pinsent Memorial Bursary 2018-05-01 $500 LGBTQ students in B.A.
Scouts Canada Scholarship Program 2018-05-01 $1,000 - $5,000 B.A.
JANSA Essay Contest 2018-05-20 $250 - $1,000 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
John Wesley Beaver Memorial Award 2018-05-31 $3,000 for college students; $5,000 for university students college; B.A.
CNIB Master's Scholarship 2018-05-31 $12,500 Blind or partially sighted students completing M.A.
CNIB Post-Secondary Scholarships 2018-05-31 $1,000 - $5,000 Blind or partially sighted students completing B.A.
Reverend Archie MacLachlan Memorial Award 2018-05-31 Vary from year to year Counselling and Spirituality (M.A.)
Candlelighters Bursary 2018-05-31 $1,000 B.A.
Black Canadian Scholarship Fund 2018-05-31 $6,000 entering B.A
APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student In Professional Psychology 2018-06-01 US$1,000 M.A.; PhD (counseling)
Fraser Institute Student Essay Contest 2018-06-01 $500 - $1,500 high school; B.A.; M.A.; PhD
FlipKey Study Abroad Scholarship 2018-08-15 $1,000 B.A.; M.A.; PhD