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2019-11-29 Striking a balance between a non-partisan professional public service and political participation

2019-11-22 Government of Canada Values and Ethics

2019-11-19 The Ombudsman's role faced with ethical issues related to multiculturalism

2019-10-31 Philosophy and Film: "Hannah Arendt, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience"

2019-10-28 Rethinking the injustices that persist in heterosexual intimate arrangements as relational irresponsibilities

2019-09-14 Human Rights in RDC

2019-04-06 Spring Session in Public Ethics

2019-04-01 Lecture on "Environmental Ethics"

2019-03-28 Ethical issues in the Big Data Era: Epistemological, ontological dimensions, and response modalities in health research

2019-02-28 Freedom of Expression and Populism

2019-01-24 Rethinking the Citizen


2018-12-05 Lies and Image Fabrication in Politics

2018-11-29 Poster Session - Master's Students in Public Ethics

2018-11-29 Noon Meeting of CRÉPuG: Is Anarchy Without Mediation Possible?

2018-11-23 Philosophy and Film: Detour

2018-11-02 Study Day on Cybersecurity and Social Media

2018-10-19 Philosophy and Film: Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

2018-10-15 RCiPEG’s first annual lecture on "Social Justice and Public Service"

2018-03-20 Conference: Online Shaming and Imaginal Relationships

2018-03-02 Discussion with Wilfried N'Sondé (In French Only)

2018-03-01 ACTUALITIES:Philosophy and Our Present

2018-02-09 Philopolis 2018

2018-01-31 Philosophy and Film: Gattaca

2018-01-19 Philosophy and Film: Robot and Frank 


2017-11-30 Poster session – Master's Students in Public Ethics

2017-11-23 Dependency and care work in capitalist societies

2017-11-07 The next generation of Seniors shakes things up

2017-10-21 Flight to Freedom: The Canadian Refugee Experience Since 1957

2017-10-16 BABY BOOMER AGING & SPIRITUALITY: same or different?

2017-10-10 Community projects and anti-extractivism

2017-10-05 From Reformation to Globalization in Canada, Germany, and the World

2017-09-25 Donner et recevoir chez Épicure : quelle source éthique pour les soins infirmiers? 

2017-04-08 Spring Session in Public Ethics

2017-04-07 Study and Reflection Day: Pour une éthique de la marginalité

2017-04-06 Poster Session of Students in the Master's in Public Ethics

2017-04-05 Noon lecture by Dimitri Roussopoulos – Is Erdogan's Turkey Heading into Authoritarianism?

2017-03-07 Evening lecture by Sharon Batt – Is the Pharmaceutical Industry Corrupt?

2017-02-27 Evening lecture by Isadora Hellegren – Deciphering Crypto-Discourse



2016-10-31 Public Lecture by Will Sweet on cultural Identity and Democracy

2016-09-28 to 30 International Conference – Building Hospitable Communities for Aging: Challenge and Opportunities

2016-04-15 and 16 International Conference – Hegel, Religion and Politic – Issues and Actuality

2016-04-04 Poster Session of the Students in the Master’s in Public Ethics

2016-03-24 Book Launch of Jean-Pierre Couture: Sloterdijk

2016-03-09 Noon Conference by Marc de Kesel – Animal Ethics and The Question of the Modern Subject

2016-01-28 Noon Conference by Louis Perron – Social Institutions and ‘Institutions of Reason’: Thinking Public Ethics with Jean Ladrière



2015-11-4 and 5 International Conference - Rebellious Religion: Ethical and Political Reflexions on the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini

2015-10-22 Evening Conference by Aliaa Dakroury - Communication and Human Rights

2015-09-18 International Conference - Pensive Religion : The Critical Power of a Long Tradition

2015-04-14 Public Lecture by Jay Drydyk – The World Bank's New Environmental and Social Standards

2015-04-02 Poster Session of the Students in the Master’s in Public Ethics

2015-03-31 Noon Seminar by Francis Dupuis-Déri - Do we live in a Democracy?

2015-03-24 Noon Seminar - Ongoing Research in Ethics by Monique Lanoix – Policy Development as Tapestry: Interweaving Sociology, Ethnographic Practice and Philosophy

2015-03-12 and 13 Conference by Jean-Pierre Couture, Geraldine Finn, Mark Salter and other speakers - Anti-Humanism & Public Ethics

2015-03-10 Conference by Mihailo Papazoglu - Secularism and Tolerance

2015-03-03 Disputatio - Discussion with Naomi Goldenberg, Anna Djintcharadzé, Julie Paquette and Marc De Kesel – “The Gospel according to Saint Matthew (1964)” a movie by Pier Paolo Pasolini

2015-02-10 Noon Seminar - Ongoing Research in Ethics by Rajesh Shukla - Rawlsian justice and Difference Principle



2014-11-24 Disputatio – Discussion with Sean McGrath and Marc De Kesel - Braking Gods. Monotheism and/as Religion critique

2014-11-14 Conference by Stephen Hare - Beyond the Dilemma : Acting Differently

2014-10-20 Conference by André Marin, Ontario’s ombudsman

2014-10-14 Panel on religious freedom with Mathilde Philip-Gay, Christelle Landher-Cieslack, Rajesh Shukla and Marc De Kesel.

2014-03-22 First session dedicated to recent research in public ethics. This workshop gathered 6 teachers from the Public Ethics School and members of the Research Centre, a manager from the federal public service and 3 students from the Master program in Public Ethics.

2014 Noon Seminar - Ongoing Research in Ethics by Matthew McLennan



2013-09-23 and 24 International workshop organised by Sophie Cloutier and Rajesh Shukla with 22 speakers - Religion, Philosophy and Culture

2013-03-05 Seminar with Marc de Kesel and Hélène Tessier, hosted by Sophie Cloutier - Why the Freudian Legacy is Worth Fighting For

2013 Evening conferences on leadership - Sophie Cloutier hosted 8 monthly conferences on leadership.


FALL 2012

-Preparation of external subsidy requests.
-Preparation of the manuscript following the symposium “Tragedy and Us”

Symposium Becoming human dialogues – Befriending the Stranger/Welcoming the Other. This symposium was organized in partnership with L’Arche d’Ottawa, the Research Group on Leadership and the Center for Research in Public Ethics and Governance. It took place on October 27, 2012.
- Person in charge: Sophie Ménard



-Preparation of the manuscript on the receptions of The Ethics of Hospitality by Daniel Innerarity



Symposium entitled Tragedy and us in the framework of the Annual Congress of the Philosophy Society of Quebec (SPQ), during the ACFAS, which will be held at the Palais des Congrès of Montreal in May of 2012.
-Person in charge: Sophie Cloutier and André Duhamel (Université de Sherbrooke)



Glasmacher Conference entitled The meaning of «bare life» for public ethics, March 24, 2012.
-Lecturer : Marc Maesschalck, Université catholique de Louvain.
-Person in charge: Louis Perron

Workshop: «The Illusions of Secularisation and of the Religious», Marc Maesschalck. March 26, 2012.
-Person in charge: Louis Perron


FALL 2011

Glasmacher Conference entitled Nous et les autres (Us and the Others
-Lecturer: Daniel Innerarity, Director of Globernance – Democratic Governance Institute, Spain. Lecture held on the night of November 3, 2011.
-Person in charge : Sophie Cloutier

International Symposium: on the 3rd and 4th of Novembre 2011, Ethics of Hospitality and the Receptions of Daniel Innerarity, To Welcome the Other Within the Times of this World. This symposium will explore the potentials of hospitality in the field of ethics and governance. It has received a SSHRC subsidy in its Aid to Research and Conference program.  
-Person in charge : Sophie Cloutier, Luc Vigneault (Université de Moncton), Blanca Navarro Pardiñas (Université de Monton) and Dominic Desroches (Collège Ahuntsic).