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Ceremony marking the closing of the academic year, Friday April 29, 2016.

Please register by Monday, April 18, 2016.

Will you be attending?

Will you be attending?

(maximum of 2 guests)
Please pick up your tickets by Monday April 18, 2016 at the Guigues Reception Desk.

Pronouncing your name

Please indicate below how the presenter should pronounce your name. To help the presenter read your name clearly, write ONLY the pronunciation of your name in the designated box

You will notice a separate area on the form where you can select the language in which your name should be pronounced, either in English or in French.

Phonetics : Here are a few examples of what to avoid (fictitious names):

Surname Given name Phonetic full name
Elgharib Chantal Elgharib Chantal My last name is pronounced “elle-ga-rib”, Thanks!
Delorme Ian Pronounce my name in English
Schumacher Lukas Phonetic surname: Shoomacher
Chang Ha-Joon  I am no longer attending the convocation

Here are a few examples of correct entries:

Surname Given name Phonetic full name
Elgharib Chantal Chantal Elle-ga-rib
Schumacher Lukas Lookas Schoomaacher
Iqbal Ruzannil Roozanil Eekbaal

Thank you for your participation!

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