Office of Admission, Registrar and Student Services
Telephone: 1-613-236-1393
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1. Registration to graduate
All graduating students must register in order to receive their degree. To receive your diploma, you must apply for it no later than April 26, 2019. You must submit a completed registration for degree and request for diploma form to the Office of the Registrar located at G165 or return it by email in pdf format to:

If you are expected to graduate, you will receive an email to your address when online registration opens.

2. Your name on your diploma
The way your name has been registered in your uoCampus student center will be exactly the one that will appear on your diploma and transcript.

Legal name

Please make sure your personal information is accurate by clicking Personal Information in uoZone. Your personal data will be displayed as it currently appears in uoCampus. Your name on the screen (your “primary name”) will be the one that will show on your official documents, such as your diploma and transcripts.

How to change your name

To change your primary name, go to the Office of the Registrar and submit a Request for Name Change form, along with the supporting documents listed on the form.

For your name change request to be processed before your diploma is printed, you must submit your form by March 31.

If you have recently asked for a name change, it may take up to one week before the change appears.

: In order to receive your diploma, you must ensure all fees, fines or any other accounts owed to the University are paid.


The graduates will receive one (1) regular-size diploma (21.6 cm by 26.7 cm).
At any time after Convocation, you can order a duplicate copy or a large format diploma (43.2 cm by 35.6 cm) at InfoService of the University of Ottawa.