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Reimbursement of Tuition Fees

In this document, the masculine pronoun is used without discrimination and only for conciseness.

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1. Objective  
  This regulation sets out the general principles governing requests from Saint Paul University students for the reimbursement of tuition fees associated with withdrawal from a course or study program.
2. Legal Framework  
  2.1 To qualify for a financial credit or refund associated with withdrawal from a course or from an entire session, a student must withdraw from the course(s) by the deadline published in the university calendar under “Last day to withdraw from a course or an activity and receive a financial credit” (less administrative fees—see paragraph 2.4).  
  2.2 To be eligible for a refund, the course change or withdrawal must be registered in the student’s file prior to the course change or withdrawal deadline published in the university calendar. Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal from a course or program.  
  2.3 If a student is registered for more than one semester, the University will issue a financial credit rather than a refund.  
  2.4 All requests for a financial credit or refund are subject to administrative fees as specified in the University’s administrative fees schedule. However, the administrative fees will be waived for international students who pay their tuition fees and register for their course(s) before coming to Canada, but are unable to come to Canada as expected because of problems obtaining their study visa.  
  2.5 For refunds paid to international students, if the student is not in Canada the University will issue the refund in the form of a transfer to a financial institution in the student’s country of origin.  
  2.6 In general, a refund is paid directly to the student, unless the student is officially sponsored, in which case the refund will be made payable to the sponsor. Refunds will not be made payable to any other third party.  
  2.7 This regulation does not apply to reimbursement of residence or other fees.