Recruitment and Communications Services
Telephone: 613-236-1393
1-800 637-6859
Ext. 2344
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The Recruitment and Communications Services are responsible for developing a global marketing and communications strategy for Saint Paul University and for recruitment of both undergraduate and graduate students. It promotes the goals of the University by increasing its visibility and by strengthening links on campus and with the broader community. It ensures ongoing and comprehensive advertising of University programs to the widest possible audience, while effectively communicating the University brand.

The Team

 Fidèle Lavigne  Sophie Michel  Claudia Beaudry
Director, Recruitment and Communications Services Administrative Assistant Liaison Officer

Fidèle Lavigne
Phone: 613-236-1393 ext. 3034
Room: LAF 296

Sophie Michel
Phone: 613-236-1393 ext. 2344
Room: LAF 294

Claudia Beaudry
Phone: 613 236-1393, ext. 2008
Room: LAF 284


 Émilie Gagnon-Caya Stéphane  Rafaelle Devine
Marketing Officer Web Project Manager  Communication Officer

Émilie Gagnon-Caya
Phone: 613-236-1393, ext 2481
Room: LAF 286

Stéphane Souparayapoulé 
Phone: 613-236-1393 ext. 2351
Room: LAF 290

Rafaëlle Devine
Phone: 613-236-1393, ext 2310
Room: LAF 288