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Publishing of books edited by Professor Jean-Guy Goulet

Saint Paul University is proud to announce the publishing of the series Religious Diversity Today: Experiencing Religion in the Contemporary World, edited by Professor Jean-Guy Goulet.


Religious Diversity Today:

Experiencing Religion in the Contemporary World

Jean-Guy A. Goulet, General Editor

This insightful three-volume set examines faith through the social and cultural perspective of anthropology, sociology, and religious studies, shedding light on the role of religion in the human experience.

Why are human suffering and the existence of evil part of the human experience? How does religious doctrine establish one's identity? In what ways does religion interact with and shape the social order? This thought-provoking work ponders these questions and explores the concept of religion from various perspectives: as a tool for self and community-based spiritual awareness, as a set of practices that translates faith into interaction with others, and as a cornerstone of society for those who seek to harness—or hinder—its influence.

Written in accessible and inviting language, each volume focuses on a particular dimension of religion. The first book examines religious experience in the modern world and explores suffering in religious faiths. The second volume centres on ritual and pilgrimage. The third book analyzes the controversial relationship between religion and societies. The content features such stimulating topics as death and green burials, sexuality and the sex trade, and how and why evil manifests in the human experience.


  • Features original essays on religious experience across a wide spectrum of social, cultural, and political environments
  • Considers the social performance and effects of ritual
  • Includes content based on fieldwork in North America, South America, Europe, China, the Philippines, South Africa, Morocco, and Lebanon
  • Reveals how the culture of professional sports compares to traditional religious cultures
  • Connects religion with the cultural interpretations of body images and politics

While Jean-Guy Goulet is the general editor of the three-volume set, each volume, dedicated to a specific theme, is under the responsibility of its own editor:

Volume 1: Suffering and Misfortune – Liam D. Murphy, Editor

Volume 2: Ritual and Pilgrimage – Anastasia Panagakos, Editor

Volume 3: Religion Transforming Societies and Social Lives – Jean-Guy Goulet, Editor

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