Admission requirements | Saint Paul University

G.D. in Contemplative Theology and Spiritual Mentorship

Faculty of Theology

Admission requirements

Candidates must satisfy the following conditions :

  1. Hold an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Theology, or Psychology, or Health Sciences, or a relevant discipline; with an average of at least «B» (70%).
  2. Completion of a minimum of 12 units in Theology or Religious Studies: a pastoral experience may be considered equivalent.
  3. Comply with one of the following criteria (in each case provide a confirmation letter from the supervisor indicating the duration of the activity): Experience as a spiritual advisor, Experience as a psychologist or psychotherapist, Psychotherapy experience, Pastoral experience
  4. Provide the following documents: Motivation letter (maximum 500 words) and curriculum vitae, two (2) letters of recommendation (professor, advisor, employer, religious community superior, etc.); at least one from a university professor.
  5. Completion of a silent retreat, preferably the one organized by Saint Paul University’s Faculty of Theology.
  6. Pass an interview with the program coordinators to verify the candidate’s objectives and abilities for the program.