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Complementary minor

Faith, Ethics and Justice

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Compulsory Courses (18 units)

  • THO1307 What is the Bible?
  • THO2189 Can We Talk About God?
  • THO2315 Being Human
  • THO3160 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • THO3161 Introduction to the New Testament
  • THO3164 Who is Jesus Christ?

Optional Courses (12 units)

12 units from:

  • THO3148 Special Topics in Theology I
  • THO3162 Revelation and Christian Faith
  • THO3165 The Church and Salvation
  • THO3166 The Good Life
  • THO3168 Ways of Christian Life and Prayer
  • THO3169 Liturgy and Experience

A course that is part of a bachelor degree or a major cannot count as an optional course toward a minor.