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Prof. Anna Sheftel receives the 2019 Article Award by the Oral History Association

Prof. Anna Sheftel received the 2019 Article Award by the Oral History Association for the article entitled “Talking and not Talking about Violence: Challenges in Interviewing Survivors of Atrocity as Whole People,” published in the Oral History Review.

This article examines two oral history projects that Prof. Sheftel conducted with survivors of atrocity—one with survivors of World War II and the Bosnian war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the other with Holocaust survivors in Montreal—to explore the limits of framing lives within the context of violence, and to ask how they might be overcome methodologically, ethically, and philosophically.

In 1993, the Oral History Association established an honorific award to recognize a published article or essay that uses oral history to make a significant contribution to contemporary scholarship; and/or significantly advances understanding of important theoretical issues in oral history; and/or is an outstanding example of sound oral history methodology.

Prof. Sheftel is an Associate Professor in the School of Conflict Studies with an expertise in oral history, memory studies, narratives, ethics and representation of the violent past. She has done oral history projects about wartime memory in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the public testimony practices of Holocaust survivors in Montreal. Her current project examines the life stories of Holocaust survivors who experienced sustained socioeconomic hardship in Canada. She has also published extensively on oral history practice and ethics, most notably in Oral History Off the Record: Toward an Ethnography of Practice, coedited with Stacey Zembrzycki, which won the Oral History Association’s 2014 Book Award. She completed her PhD in modern history at the University of Oxford.

You can access this award-winning article here: https://academic.oup.com/ohr/article/45/2/288/5051735

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