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Presenters for the 2017 National Conference of the Catholic Network for Women’s Equality

The Sophia Research Centre is pleased to sponsor the 2017 National Conference of the Catholic Network for Women’s Equality: “Honouring the Past, Keeping Faith in the Present, Shaping the Future.” A number of leading scholars and theologians will present a panel discussion and breakout sessions throughour the day on Saturday, May 27.


Christine Gervais and Cathy Holtmann: “Women Religious’ Insights on Gender [In]Justice: [Re]Considerations for All Generations of Women”

Becky Lee: “On the Margins of the Church: Roman Catholic Feminisms”

Eileen Kerwin Jones: “Engendering Equity: Sex, Gender and Global Justice”

Susan Roll: “Women in Sacred Space: The ‘already and the not yet’”

Catherine Clifford: “Women and Vatican II”

Pauline Jacob: “L’accessibilité des femmes à tous les ministères, une porte cadenassée dans l’Église catholique?”

Joelle Morgan: “Our Legacy as Settler Christians: Facing the Colonial Wounds Towards a Praxis of Just Relations in Canadian Contact Zones” 

…and more!


Everyone is invited to participate in the full conference, May 26-28, at Saint Paul University (223 Main Street). For further information and to register, please visit

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