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Our Experts

Saint Paul University is proud to present Our Experts, a series of virtual 1-hour workshops organized by Saint Paul professors from different schools and faculties that can be integrated into high schools' courses.

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Tackling Food Insecurity: From Local to Global

Professor: Amanda Wilson

Food insecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing society – both here in Canada and around the world. Despite a variety of proposed solutions, the numbers continue to rise, and meaningful progress remains elusive. What are the root causes of this issue, and how can we ensure that everyone has access to safe, healthy and affordable food? Through this workshop, students will understand food security (both locally and internationally), its multifaceted impacts and effective strategies to address it. Students will also learn about organizations tackling food insecurity and how they can cultivate change in their own communities and globally. For more details, click here.

Ontario courses where the workshop fits into the curriculum: HFA4U, CGW4U

Available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, morning and afternoon. Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoon. *


Politics and New Media: A Landscape in Flux

Professor: Stephen Stuart

This workshop starts with a short presentation exploring the role of new media in international and national politics and diplomacy, initially capturing some of the seismic changes that have happened since 2016 when US President Trump successfully weaponized Twitter. Part of the change has seen the undermining of genuine discourse and compromise, and the ensuing rise of personality ‘cults’ where empirical factual data is ignored and ego-driven opinion is of apparently paramount importance. A Q&A session will follow to engage students in the conversation.


Ontario courses where the workshop fits into the curriculum: CPC30, CPW4U, EAE4U

Available Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon *


Where Do Economic Inequalities Come From?

Professor: Simon Tremblay-Pepin

This workshop will introduce students to two basic concepts surrounding economic inequalities: social class and exploitation. It will focus on the following questions: Why are some people rich and some people poor? Is working hard a good way to get rich? When are you exploited by someone? Starting from the students’ answers to these questions, the workshop will guide them from an intuitive approach to a more sociological one.


Ontario courses where the workshop fits into the curriculum: HSE4M

Available starting January 28, 2021- Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon *


From Ableism to Solidarity

Professor: Julie Châteauvert

This workshop aims to raise students’ awareness about discrimination that people with disabilities experience. With the help of real-life stories, students will develop their ability to detect situations where discrimination is happening. Then they will explore ways that groups of people with disabilities have tackled injustice or improved their accessibility to cultural or political life or to services. These examples will allow them to start thinking about things they can do to build solidarity, whether they are directly affected by disability or not.

Ontario courses where the workshop fits into the curriculum: HSE4M, HSP3U

Available Friday and Monday, morning  *


What Is Poverty and Who Is Poor in Canada?

Professor: Simon Tremblay-Pepin

This workshop is an introduction to how social scientists and governments measure poverty. It starts with one question: How do we know that someone is poor? The presentation starts with students’ answers and leads them to distinguish between relative poverty and absolute poverty. Students will then dig a little into the Market Basket Measure, the new official measure of poverty in Canada, to see what is included there. The workshop will end with a discussion of the kind of life a person who has access only to this basket of goods can live.

Ontario courses where the workshop fits into the curriculum: CIA4U

Available starting January 28, 2021- Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon *



*Availability may vary. Please indicate three choices of dates when booking the workshop.