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1. What is the student intranet?

The student intranet is the portal for Saint Paul University students.

Why is it important? The intranet is home to many tools that will make your life easier, from the job board to the list of events organized on campus, using links that take you to essential resources, such as uoCampus.

TIP: Add the student intranet to your favourites: you’ll be going there a lot


2. What is uoZone?

uoZone is the portal for University of Ottawa students, BUT you need to access it to create and manage your email account. Because Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa are federated, your email address ends with

Why is it important? Saint Paul University communicates with you at this address.

TIP: Check your email every day so you don’t miss an important notice. Make sure you are receiving new messages on your mobile phone.


3. What is uoCampus?

uoCampus is a new application that lets you do various things, such as

  • register for your courses;
  • update your personal information;
  • get your bill for your tuition fees;
  • access your unofficial transcript;
  • check your university account.

How do I access it? From the student intranet.


4. What is the learning management system (SGA-BrightSpace)?

The LMS-BrightSpace (or virtual campus) is where you will find the list of courses you are registered in as well as their content.

All communication and all notifications of new content from the LMS are sent to your address. 


5. How do I get my passwords for these tools?

  • student intranet: contact Computer and Distance Education Services (CDES) at Saint Paul University at 613-236-1393, ext. 2234.
  • uoZone: contact the Information Technology department at the University of Ottawa at 613-562-5800, ext. 6555.
  • BrightSpace: your BrightSpace password is the same as your uoZone password.


6. What about the wireless network (Wi-Fi)?

On the SPU campus, you can access the “eduroam” wireless network.

Username: the first part of your address
Password: your password for that account


Computer tools for students:

TIP: You have free access to eduroam on all post-secondary institution campuses in Canada!


7. Where is Computer and Distance Education Services (CDES) located?

CDES is located in room G020.

Hours of operation and online computer help request form:

Distance learning: Janet Leclair at or at 613-236-1393, ext. 2329.

TIP: To find your way around, watch this tutorial:


8. Where is the University Library?

You will find the Jean-Léon-Allie Library and Archives on the first floor of Guigues Hall.



9. How can I contact the Student Association?

Tel: 613-236-1393, ext. 3008


10. What is the schedule for the shuttle (UO/SPU/UO)?





Bank machine (ATM): lobby of the entrance to Guigues Hall

Currency exchange: Calforex (Rideau Centre)

Shopping malls: Rideau Centre and Billings Bridge Shopping Centre

Bike rentals: Cyco’s (near SPU, at the corner of Colonel By and Hawthorne)

Pharmacy: Watson’s Pharmacy (across from the University, at the corner of Main and Hazel)

Grocery store: Loblaws (near Pretoria Bridge, at the corner of Isabella and Metcalfe)

Medical emergency: Call 9-1-1 or visit The Ottawa Hospital (General Campus)




Tickets and passes:

Useful mobile apps:




National Arts Centre

Bytowne Cinema

National Capital Commission

Ottawa Tourism

Tourisme Outaouais



Café qui pense

Main Farmers’ Market

Sula Wok Restaurant

The Green Door Restaurant



Renew or extend your visa/study permit:

Work off campus:

Take an English or French course to improve your language skills:

Have your study contracts signed: Registrar at