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Orientation 2018: Moving beyond the unfamiliar

Mother Nature surely wanted to play a trick on us. It’s not easy shake your hips to a Latin beat when the sun is beating down… Especially in front of the amused gaze of new colleagues and after having devoured corn on the cob and hot dogs! But isn’t going outside your comfort zone mandatory at back-to-school time? That’s what participants at Orientation 2018 told us when we spoke to them.

Overcoming nerves

A number of students today start their university studies with their heads full of ideas and their stomachs full of butterflies. “I’m a bit nervous,” admitted Camille Ouellet-Lépine, a first-year student in the BA in Human Relations and Spirituality program, “because I’m coming out of a sabbatical year, but I’m really excited about meeting my classmates and talking to them.”

What struck Camille when she arrived at SPU was first of all the warmth and the bilingualism of the community. “I really liked how welcoming and open people are here. It’s a great atmosphere!” Which helps relieve the worries of even the most anxious person!

Camille Ouellet-Lépine
Amoussou Guenou Emmanuel Jordy 

Finding your way

SPU’s campus is on a human scale, but you still need to take the time to find your way around. That’s what Amoussou Guenou Emmanuel Jordy, a first-year student in the BA in Conflict Studies program, did when he took part in one of the many guided tours organized as part of Orientation 2018. “I really enjoyed this experience,” he said.

For Amoussou, as for so many other international students, Orientation 2018 was the perfect opportunity to get to know not only the different places on campus but also the friendly spirit of SPU. “The ambassadors are very open and cheerful,” he pointed out. Needless to say, they are worthy representatives of SPU!

Making connections

Making connections

Whoever walks through Saint Paul’s doors finds their place and meets people very quickly. Kevin Okendembo, a first-year student in the BA in Public Ethics program, knows about this. “The orientation session was fantastic, and the service was friendly. We were welcomed in a special way,” he said. “Now I know where to go when I need a particular service….”

Including students from the beginning to make their lives easier and foster their development: that was the aim of the organizers of Orientation 2018. “I feel at home now, like I’m part of a new family,” added Kevin.

Kevin Okendembo
The Orientation 2018 team obviously achieved its goal.

Note: This article was written in cooperation with Amadou Mfondi, doctoral candidate in Conflict Studies and a student ambassador.

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