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Opening of the exhibit Migration: A glimpse through the poster

You are invited to participate in the opening of the exhibit Migration: A glimpse through the poster on November 27 at noon at the Donors’ Recognition Crossroad. A representative of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) – Canada and Professor Rajesh C. Shukla will briefly explain the origins of the exhibit and the phenomenon of migration.

Saint Paul University is proud to host this exhibit, which is the result of a partnership between the National Commission for Human Rights in Mexico (CNDH) and UNAM.

Through their posters, authors from all over the world have expressed their personal conception of the phenomenon of migration, through the prism of their own experience or that of their relatives.

This exhibit wishes to raise awareness in the student community about migrants’ human rights, whether that migration is the result of voluntary or forced displacement.

The caravans of Latin American migrants heading to the US border give this topic renewed relevance. It is an invitation to reflect on the rights of those who leave their home in search of another place to live.

  • Opening of the exhibit Migration: A glimpse through the poster
  • November 27 at 12:00 p.m. at the Donors’ Recognition Crossroad


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