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Noon Seminar : Ongoing Research in Ethics


Noon Seminar - Ongoing Research in Ethics

Rajesh Shukla

Rawlsian justice and Difference Principle

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015, 12 pm - 1:15 pm, Guigues Building, Room G103


In his theory of justice, John Rawls forwards two principles. Rawls’ first principle is somewhat straightforward. It maintains that the basic liberties are to be so arranged that everyone gets equal share of them and that no one gets more of these liberties than others. The second principle is much more complicated in that it deals with the distribution of wealth and arrangement of inequalities that may not be measurable at times. Rawls remarks: “While the distribution of wealth and income need not be equal, it must be to everyone’s advantage, and at the same time, positions of authority and responsibility must be accessible to all” (TJ 53). The application of the second principle ensures that social and economic inequalities work to everyone’s advantages in the long run, and that no one is left to extreme disadvantages.

In this presentation, Dr. Shukla discusses the implications of the second principles of justice, focusing on the idea behind the difference principle and its implications in a liberal democratic society. He argues that Rawlsian difference principle can be strengthened by Aristotelian virtue.


Event Contact: Rajesh Shukla, rshukla@ustpaul.ca, 613-236-1393, ext: 2497

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