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New Fitness Centre sets up shop on campus!

Starting on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, Fitness Dynamics will offer fitness programs at Saint Paul University (SPU)! Classes will take place in the lower-level gymnasium in Laframboise Hall.


Programs offered   

1-     Yoga Fit Classes: Learn how to calm your mind and relax your body with easy-to-learn yoga postures and breathing exercises. Yoga is an excellent way to manage stress and improve strength, flexibility and concentration. All abilities are welcome; our skilled instructor will adapt postures and exercises based on your level.

2-     High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Fit Classes: This class will involve intense anaerobic exercise with regular recovery periods, using body-weight workouts, for the most part. All fitness levels are welcome. Our supportive instructor will offer options to meet different ability demands.

3-     Agility-Cardio (AC) Fit Classes: Get a taste of how high-performance athletes train: think of tough workouts such as AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible) and EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute). Our instructor will push you physically and mentally.

4-     Abs, Glutes and Thighs (AGT) Fit Classes: AGT Fit is an exercise program focusing on bodyweight strength training and conditioning. We do reps from a static position, lying down or standing up. Great for all ages and types; low impact; builds strength and confidence. 

Curious about trying them out before committing? A few free sessions will be offered on campus during promo week! Check out the schedule here!


About Fitness Dynamics and its instructor

Fitness Dynamics prides itself on being flexible – in being able to adapt to different needs and environments. We also believe in and promote the inclusion of those with disabilities, as permitted by the built environment. We are focused on meeting people’s fitness goals and teaching them about a healthy lifestyle.

Michel Elibani will make you feel like you are part of a team. He is attentive to everyone’s needs, regardless of skill level. He is a certified triathlon and running coach, is a development coach for Paratriathlon, and was a Triathlon Canada assistant coach for the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. His company – Fitness Dynamics – offers programs for beginners, families, as well as for Paralympic and elite athletes.


Please visit the Fitness Dynamics website for program schedules and memberships!

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