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New Anglican Chaplain, Rev. Margo Whittaker, Joins Pastoral Services

The Saint Paul University (SPU) community, including the Pastoral Services team and the Anglican Studies program, is delighted to extend a warm welcome to Rev. Margo Whittaker, our newest chaplain.

Rev. Whittaker looks forward to bringing her liturgical, pastoral, and collaborative skills to the chaplaincy at SPU. “Each and every person deserves justice and peace. I’m honoured to offer compassionate support to our students, faculty, and staff,” said Rev. Margo Whittaker.

"SPU’s Pastoral Service enriches the religious or spiritual experience of all members of the university community," said Carole Breton, Vice-Rector, Governance and Secretary General. "Margo's enthusiasm and humanism will help to make the activities of the Oasis and the Service as a whole shine out not only for the Anglican community, but also in an inclusive approach tailored to the person."

Dr. Sarah Kathleen Johnson, Director of Anglican Studies, says: “We are delighted to welcome Margo as a liturgical leader for the Anglican Studies community and as a pastoral presence for the entire campus. Margo’s leadership is one example of the enduring and enriching ecumenical partnership between the university and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.”

Our chaplains provide services to students as well as to members of the faculty and other departments. They are open to all, especially to the most vulnerable and anyone who is in need of support, guidance, and a listening ear. Undoubtedly, we are positive that Margo will enhance and enrich our team's ability to serve the diverse needs of our community with her unique skills, compassion, and dedication. The Pastoral Services team looks forward to working alongside Margo over the years to come.

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