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Meet our international students: Ruo-Han Chen, Taiwan

“People here are always ready to help me!”

Ruo-Han Chen

R-H ChenOriginally from Taiwan, Ruo-Han Chen studied translation before registering in Human Sciences at Saint Paul University. When she arrived in Canada in September, she was surprised by several aspects of North American society. “Here, people do everything they can to help each other, even when they hardly know each other. In my country, it is very different. People are harder to approach.” The large green spaces and the nearness of nature also struck her. “It is green everywhere… and very clean. There are a lot of cars, but not a lot of pollution. It’s so nice to be able to live in such an environment.” Ruo-Han admits, however, that she found it hard to communicate during the first few days after her arrival. “After a few weeks, it’s now much easier,” she says. She is happy to have adjusted to her new milieu.

Ruo-Han decided to register in Human Sciences after talking to a professor in Taiwan. “This program allows me to choose courses here and there, which helps me to learn more about Western society.” The 20-year-old likes the fact that she can also take courses at the University of Ottawa. “This allows me to vary my sources of learning,” she says with a smile. Ruo-Han admits that she did not choose Saint Paul University for a specific program, but to have an intercultural experience. Improving her English and learning how North Americans live are her real reasons for coming to Canada.

Still, Ruo-Han hopes to be able to use the knowledge gained at Saint Paul University in a job someday. “I would really like to work in procurement and purchasing for a company that specializes in clothing. I love fashion and I think that with my skills, I could find a job in that field.” When asked if she will remember her eight-month stay at Saint Paul University for a long time, she doesn’t hesitate. “Oh, yes!” she says with a sparkle in her eye.

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