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Meet our international students: Pierre Colautti-Féré, France

“What strikes me most is how easy it is to make friends here.”

Pierre Colautti-Féré

P. Colautti-Fere Pierre Colautti-Féré has been a student in Conflict Studies since September 2014. The 21-year-old, who studied in the north of France before arriving in Canada, admits that it was fairly easy to make the adjustment. “Europe and Canada are alike in many ways. Since I had already travelled in various countries in Africa and South America, the shock was less than in other countries.” Since his arrival, however, Pierre has noticed some differences compared to France. “Especially the architecture… everything here is so young. Then there’s the language… French is closely modelled on English, so there are some funny expressions at times.” Being so close to nature is also unusual, in his opinion. “You don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometres to find yourself in nature – that is another thing I have noticed.” His biggest fear is the approaching winter. “We’ll see how it goes,” he says, smiling. Another aspect of the Saint Paul University culture that he has observed is how friendly people are. “In France, unlike in Canada, people are more individualistic… here, you can make friends and acquaintances quickly,” says Pierre, who is originally from Grenoble.

            Pierre chose the Conflict Studies program at Saint Paul University after talking to one of his Political Science professors in France. “My professor knew a professor at Saint Paul University, so he suggested that I continue my studies here through an inter-university program.” He admits that his field of study is unique, but that’s why he’s passionate about it. “People talk about conflict in sociology, or in political science, but it’s always based on an approach that is typical of a particular field of study. Here, we see all facets of conflict… that’s what makes the concentration so interesting.” Pierre hopes that his studies will allow him to find a job at the international level.

            When asked about his dream, Pierre shrugs his shoulders. “I haven’t thought about it much, but travelling and pursuing my quest for knowledge seem to be my short-term goals. I’m sure time will tell,” he says.

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