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Main Street Renewal

Construction Newsletter No. 38

From Echo Drive to Clegg Street

  • Completion of the work at the corner of Lees Avenue;
  • Completion of the Public Art site;
  • Intersection modifications at Oblates Avenue;
  • Replacement of damaged street furniture; and
  • Repair of various minor deficiencies.

From Clegg Street to the McIlraith Bridge

  • Landscaping (topsoil, sod, trees, garden reinstatements);
  • Adjustments of ironworks;
  • Paving of the top lift of asphalt; and
  • Pavement markings.

Main Street from Clegg Street to Riverdale Avenue will be completely closed to traffic (northbound and southbound directions) on Saturday, June 10, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the placement of the top lift of asphalt. In case of rain, this closure will be postponed to Saturday, June 24. The closure is required for the safe paving of the top lift of asphalt in this narrow section of Main Street.

As part of this closure, the Riverdale Avenue intersection will be completely closed to traffic for paving from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Local detours for local traffic will be in place.

During the closure of Main Street, OC Transpo buses will be detoured via Clegg/Marlowe/Elliot. For the morning closure of the Riverdale Avenue Intersection, OC Transpo buses will be detoured via Glenview/Toronto. On-street parking will be restricted on the OC Transpo detour routes.

The cycle tracks south of Clegg will remain closed until they are completed later this summer.

Installation of the Public Art glass panels

 Installation of the Public Art glass panels

Planting of trees

Planting of trees

 Planting of sod

Did you know?

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) will hold its 2017 annual conference in Ottawa from June 1 to 4. More than 1,500 municipal leaders will be in Ottawa for Canada’s largest municipal-federal conference. As part of the FCM annual conference and trade show, 100 delegates will be visiting Main Street on Friday, June 2. The delegates will take part in a walking tour of Main Street and will learn about Complete Streets and related City policies on active modes, streetscaping, stakeholder engagement and Public Art.

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