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When survival requires a system that does not exist, then the need for creating is manifest.

While it can take a series of disasters to convince people of the need for creating, still the long, hard, uphill climb is the creative process itself. In retrospect this process may appear as a grand strategy that unfolds in an orderly and cumulative series of steps. But any retrospect has the advantage of knowing the answers. The creative task is to find the answers. It is a matter of insight …

—Bernard Lonergan, 1975

The Lonergan Centre at Saint Paul University connects scholars with expert practitioners in national and international collaborative research projects that develop, apply and communicate the work of Bernard Lonergan. Lonergan’s major work, Insight: A Study of Human Understanding, invites readers into a uniquely personal yet resolutely empirical method for understanding insight and its transformative role in human living. Established in the spring of 2007, the Centre focuses on research in areas that can make a difference to people’s lives: areas such as peace and conflict; business and economics; ethics and community; insight and learning; science and religion; faith and life.