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Join us for Chew on This!

Following the release of the federal government’s Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy, volunteers in Ottawa call for an anti-poverty plan based in human rights and fully funded in Budget 2019 that will end poverty in Canada. 

Between October 10 and 16, 2018, JPIC OMI Lacombe, in partnership with Saint Paul University and Saint Paul University’s Pastoral Services, will be raising awareness on the issue through the distribution of Chew on this! bags.

ChewOnThis! is a national campaign to raise awareness of food insecurity and call for the establishment of a national anti-poverty plan to address the systemic issues of poverty in Canada. Thousands of Canadians are demanding that the federal government establish a plan to eradicate poverty and hunger for the nearly 900,000 people in Canada who use food banks each month and for the millions of others struggling to get by. The United Nations has called for it, the Senate has called for it, and the House of Commons has called for it. It’s time to end poverty in Canada.

Come see us at 223 Main Street in the ground-level foyer to know how you can make a change!

We are also inviting supporters to join us on October 17, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, on Parliament Hill to call for an end to poverty in Canada. 

The event is organized by the Dignity for All campaign, co-led by Canada Without Poverty (CWP) and Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), both registered charities.

JPIC – About Us

Justice, peace and integrity of creation is at the heart of our vision. We long for a world in which everyone has the opportunity and resources they need to fulfill their full potential. We envision a church and society that promote respect and responsible stewardship of the earth and all life.

To proclaim the liberating presence of Jesus Christ among all people of good will by hearing the cry of the poor and oppressed, advocating on their behalf and working to change the root causes of injustice. We collaborate with others to promote peace, justice and the integrity of creation through education and advocacy.

To work together with church and civil society in a spirit of mutual support, trust and encouragement in order to bring about a life-giving society underpinned by values of fairness, compassion, respect and justice.

Areas of work:

Justice for Indigenous Peoples
At this moment in their history, Indigenous peoples in Canada are fighting for their rights in land claim struggles, negotiations over natural resources found on their traditional territories, educational needs of their children, as well as a whole range of issues for urban Indigenous people.

Mining and Human Rights
Many Canadian mining companies, headquartered in Canada, are among the most blatant violators of human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption laws in the global South. JPIC-OMI Lacombe Canada is working with like-minded organizations to raise public awareness and to exert political and moral pressure for accountability by Canadian mining companies.

Ecology and Climate Change
The positioning of creation, the destruction of the environment and climate change are crucial issues facing us. As responsible stewards, we are called to work together to heal the ravages caused by the greed and selfishness of industry and ultimately ourselves.