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Rules and RentalPolicy

Research studios are allocated to registered students of Saint Paul University, professors as well as external researchers in order to facilitate their research projects. Rental fees are charged on a credit card only. A payment will be drawn at the beginning of each session that is, on May 1st, September 1st and January 1st.  You must give a minimum one month’s advance notice if you want to shorten the period of occupation. Saint Paul University’s administration reserves the right to modify the rental fees in September of each year. A one (1) month deposit is required upon signature of rental agreement. You will then receive the studio key. Research Studio Request Form





  1. Eating in the studio is forbidden.
  2. Noise will be kept to a minimum.
  3. Group meetings are not allowed.
  4. Subletting a studio to another student is strictly forbidden.
  5. Lights must be turned off when leaving a studio.
  6. Personal belongings left in a studio are at the occupant’s sole risk.
  7. Outside of regular business hours, you must sign the register at the reception.
  8. For security reasons, you must use the “Enter” or “Exit” display at all times.


The studio occupant intending to use any material belonging to the Library for more than one (1) day must register the material at the service desk. Non-registered material will be returned to the collection shelves.

  • Up to thirty (30) books from the general collection may be borrowed for a period of sixty (60) days. Two (2) renewals are permitted.
  • Reference books as well as books on reserve must be returned each day.
  • Periodicals may be borrowed for a period of seven (7) days, non-renewable.

Library staff will ensure compliance with all rules. 

For more information,

see the Jean-Léon Allie, o.m.i. Library and Archives

Web page, Policies – Loans.




Library staff, security staff as well as maintenance and cleaning staff are authorized to enter the studios at any time.


The occupant is responsible for observing the rules regarding occupancy of the studio. Should these rules not be adhered to, management reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement.