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The purpose of the following policy is to support the availability of the documentary resources by ensuring an effective and equitable access to our immediate customers, members of Saint Paul University community.

Users who may borrow documents

The following persons may borrow documents:

Category “Professors and Support staff”

  • Full-time and part-time teaching staff of Saint Paul University,
  • Full-time support staff of Saint Paul University,
  • Emeritus teaching and support staff of Saint Paul University,
  • Full-time professors of University of Ottawa
  • Full-time professors of Carleton University in the various disciplines taught at Saint Paul University, e.g., medieval studies, philosophy, theology and religious sciences.

Category “Studios Occupants”

  • Occupants of studios.


To borrow books, the patron needs to fill in a registration form at the Chief Librarian’s office and provide a valid employee or student ID card. This card is not transferable and its usage is restricted solely to the individual named on the card. No one may borrow books on another’s behalf using that person’s ID card. The borrower is responsible for all material borrowed and for any debts incurred with this card. The Services desk must be informed of any change of address. Borrowing privileges expire on April 30 of each year or at the end of the employee’s contract with the University.

The Jean-Léon Allie Library adheres to the principles of intellectual freedom, and protects the privacy of its users. It will not release any information by which users can be identified to any person or agency for any reason, except as may be required to apply sanctions.


Category 20 - Professors and Support staff


  • Loan period: 125 days
  • Max. Nb. of Loans: 30 books
  • Nb. of renewals 3


  • Loan period: 7 days
  • Max. Nb. of Loans: 3 books
  • Nb. of renewals: 0

Category 21 - Studio occupants


  • Loan period: 60 days
  • Max. Nb. of Loans: 30 books
  • Nb. of renewals 3


  • Loan period: 7 days
  • Max. Nb. of Loans: 3 books
  • Nb. of renewals: 0

Reference books and rare books, microforms, theses and cd-roms do not circulate and are not available for loan. The latest issue of a periodical cannot be borrowed.

Availability of the documents for the whole University community

The users can borrow the documents. However, these must remain available for the customers. Being given the need which falls on the Jean-Léon Allie Library to make sure that a balance is maintained between the borrowing privilege and the principle of availability of the documents to the whole University community, it is understood that:

  • the borrower is responsible for informing in writing the services desk of the Jean-Leon Allie Library if she or he is unable to return the document in the intended deadlines;
  • the borrower is also responsible for informing the counter in writing if she or he goes away during a long period;
  • it is fundamental that the borrower, who leaves for sabbatical or a long period of time, turns over the books borrowed before his departure or which she or he takes necessary arrangements so that the borrowed documents (recalled in particular) are accessible to our immediate customers within reasonable times (e.g., the time of the delivery of the mail);
  • even if the borrower leaves the area for a short or a long period of time, she or he is responsible for his/her loans, agrees to make the borrowed documents available as soon as possible.


There are different ways to renew borrowed books:

  • go to the Services desk with the books in hand;
  • use the Telnet version of our library catalogue.

Renewal requests are not taken by telephone.

Any document borrowed from the general collection may be renewed unless :

  • the user’s borrowing privileges are expired;
  • more than five (5) items are overdue;
  • the user’s record has reached the maximum amount of fines, i.e., $150.00;
  • another user has requested the document to be renewed;
  • the maximum number of renewals has been reached.

It is impossible to renew borrowed periodicals.

Return of documents

All documents must be returned at the latest by the due date or time. The books must be returned in the «book return slot» or at the services desk.


In certain circumstances, documents on loan may be recalled, e.g., a doctoral student or a professor needs urgently the document for his (her) research, or, the document is needed for the Reserve, etc. In that case, these documents must be returned within three (3) working days.

Reminders and overdue notices

As a courtesy, reminder will be sent for the following :

  • Item soon due: a reminder will be sent 21, 14 et 4 days prior to due date (except items borrowed for 7 days or less);
  • Recalled item: only one reminder will be sent to the borrower. Item must be returned within three (3) working days;
  • Overdue item: an overdue notice will be sent the day following the due date and for monographs only.

The email address appearing in the user’s record will be used. Non-receipt of an overdue notice does not cancel fines or sanctions.

Fines or sanctions

Following the overdue notice, and if the document is not returned, sanctions - including fines, replacement costs and suspension of borrowing privileges - will be applied. The suspension of borrowing privileges will be removed only once the fines or the replacement costs are entirely paid.

Loan books : 0,50 $ per day per item
Reserve books : 0.50 $ per hr. per item
Periodicals : 0,50 $ per day per item

Replacement costs

Replacement costs for lost or damaged books will be invoiced to the borrower. The sale price of the document in question will be applied. A processing fee of 25$ will be added to the invoice.

Attempted theft and vandalism

Anyone mutilating a document or trying to remove it from the Library without prior authorisation will be subject to penalties. These penalties could include suspension or withdrawal of access to the Library or borrowing privileges.

Appeal procedures

If there is any question about the fairness of the process, or of penalties, sanctions may be appealed by writing to the Chief Librarian.

Coming into effect

January 1st, 2008

May 24th, 2007
Approved by Council of Administration on June 6th, 2007