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Library Access Permits

The permit holders

Permits to access the Library outside regular hours are issued solely to full-time and part-time professors, full-time support staff and students in good standing at Saint Paul’s.
At the beginning of each semester, the permit holders’ files will be reviewed.
Only the Chief Librarian, or the person whom he has named, can grant this permit. A permit issued in September can be renewed at the Services desk for the winter and summer terms.

Required data

Required data (Family name, Christian name, address, city, province, postal code, telephone number) of the permit holder are recorded in an electronic database. A control number will be issued and affixed to the back of the Saint Paul University ID card.

Expiration date

Permits will ordinarily be granted per term with termination dates, such as April 30th, August 31st and December 22nd. Permits may also be granted for the Christmas holidays.
For full-time professors and support staff, as well as studio occupants, the expiration date is April 30th.

In the absence of a University ID card

For various reasons, it is possible that a client entitled to a pass may not have a University ID card. It will be necessary to verify if he or she has made the necessary effort to obtain an ID card. If that is the case, the appropriate permit form is filled out and the information checked against a proof of identity such as a driver’s license ; the information is then entered into the database, and the control number affixed to the back of the original.

November 29th, 2004.
Revised: July 5th, 2006.