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Fabian Dubenofsky – Library Officer

Homme caucasien aux cheveux foncés portant des lunettes est accoté sur une étagère de livres et sourit / Bespectacled caucasian drak-haired man leaning on book shelves and smilingWhat is your title and how long have you been at Saint Paul University?

I'm a Library Officer and I have been here since November 2019.

What does your work consist of?

I do a bit of everything, from helping at the circulation desk, to reshelving, to checking in new books, and I help out with other special projects that require a bit of running back and forth.

What is your academic/professional training?

As well as a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Ottawa, I have a library and information technician diploma from Algonquin College.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I am an amateur musician as well, playing guitar, bass, and a bit of keyboard. But no, I can’t read the medieval-style sheet music we have in our rare books room—at least not yet.

What do you like most about the library?

The rare books room is always fun to visit!

What tip would you give our students?

Ask the staff for help when you need it—we won’t bite.

What do you find most interesting about the library?

I find it fascinating that the library’s namesake, Jean-Léon Allie, would buy crates of books by weight! That’s not the way we do it anymore.