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How do I benefit from the Intranet?

All of your Web tools and information are centralized on the Intranet. This allows you to access your personal information, university-related communications and Web applications through a single gateway, a true “one-stop-shop” for registered students, employees and professors.

What can I find on the Intranet?

Saint Paul University’s (SPU) Intranet is a portal that gives you quick access to all services offered to you including:

  • Your personal course schedule (students);
  • Work-Study Application (students);
  • Your academic results (students);
  • Targeted messages from your faculty, department and professors (students);
  • Financial Aid Application (students);
  • Official Academic Transcript request (students);
  • Ezlabor (employees and professors);
  • Messages from the University;
  • Easy access to all the forms;
  • Bulletin Board;
  • Key uOttawa services available for USP students and employees;
  • Information on your faculty and on campus services;

Who has access to the Intranet?

All registered undergraduate and graduate students as well as Special Students have access to Intranet.

Employees and Professors
All regular employees and professors have access to the Intranet. If you are not a SPU regular employee or professor, but you need access to the Intranet, please ask your supervisor to fill in the form at   

How do I change my Intranet password?

You can change your Intranet password when you are logged in by clicking My Account and then Change my information

How do I log in to the Intranet?

You need to go to and use your Student Number and password.

Employees and Professors
You need to go to and use your Novell login and password which you received by email.

How do I get my Intranet password?

Your password is automatically sent to the email address you used during your admission process, as well as to your email address.

Employees and Professors
Your password is automatically sent to the email address you are using. If you didn’t receive an email with your password, please contact us using the Help Request form at
Forgot your password?

To recover your password you will only need your student number or login. The password will be send to your (students) or your (employees and professors) email address.

Where do I get technical support?

For technical problems please contact:

Computer and Telecommunications Services

Help request form

Room 23, Guigues Hall
Telephone: 613-236-1393
Ext. 2234

For other questions, please send an email to