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University Health Insurance Plan

Subscription to the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is compulsory and a condition of registration in your program. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet any outstanding conditions indicated in your offer of admission in order to maintain your admission and registration at Saint Paul University, including proof of subscription to the mandatory UHIP and payment for the total amount of the subscription.

UHIP is a compulsory insurance plan for international students, exchange students, visiting students, guest professors/researchers, Canadians returning from abroad, and new Canadian residents who have not yet obtained coverage from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (or their province of residence).

UHIP covers medical and hospital expenses during your stay in Canada as well as standard medical visits. It also helps you obtain certain medical devices, as needed, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc.

UHIP subscription is COMPULSORY. You do not need to purchase another insurance plan for the academic year. UHIP coverage starts on the 11th day of the month before the start of a program of study, for newly enrolled students, or at the beginning of the session, for returning students.


Outside the periods of UHIP insurance coverage, you are ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for obtaining appropriate health insurance, for your own protection and that of your dependents.

Hospital or medical expenses can be onerous. For example, in the case of an uninsured accident, a foreign student would have to pay $3,100 (CDN) per day of hospitalization for the bed alone. Expenses for medical care, including treatment, surgical procedures, and scans (minimum $1,100) or MRIs (approximately $1,650) and all related expenses would be additional. The cost of an uninsured hospitalization can very quickly top $10,000.

We strongly advise you to obtain a secondary insurance policy to cover the gaps in UHIP coverage (before the 11th day of the month preceding your studies).

Coverage for families

The Studentguard company offers temporary coverage at $1.45/person/day.
The Travelguard company offers temporary coverage at $2.70/person/day.

More information on the coverage provided by these insurance companies is available on their websites.

UHIP coverage may extend to your immediate family (spouse, dependent children). However, UHIP coverage must be purchased within 30 days of their arrival in Canada. Premiums for dependents’ insurance are paid only on the first day of the month following their arrival, if they arrive after the second day of the month.

Examples: If you arrive on August 15 and your spouse and one child arrive on October 4, you will pay the “member only” premium for the length of your stay starting in September and will also pay the “addition of two or more dependents” premium from November until the end of their stay in Canada.

If you, your spouse and child arrive on August 19, you will pay the “member and two dependents” premium from September until the end of your stay.

Students must renew their health insurance every year for themselves and their dependents.

(*) If you are a guest professor/researcher who is visiting or has been hired by the University, you must purchase your UHIP coverage at the Admission and Student Services Office.

N.B. This health insurance plan does not cover dental care or prescriptions. 

It is preferable that you pay your UHIP coverage with your tuition fees through a bank transfer.

For more information on the coverage provided by UHIP, click here.