Preparing for your departure

Get a study visa

Once your participation in the exchange program has been confirmed, you must apply for a study visa from the host country. Contact the diplomatic service of your host country right away to find out about the conditions of entry and the documents you need to apply for a study visa. Note that you will need to pay fees to obtain a visa. Make sure that your passport will be valid for six months after the expected date of your return to Canada. Register for the Registration of Canadians Abroad and consult the Travel Advice and Advisories section on the Government of Canada website.

Pay your tuition fees at Saint Paul University

You must be registered full-time and pay your tuition fees at Saint Paul University, even if you are studying abroad as part of an exchange program. You do not have to pay tuition fees at the host institution. You must register and pay your tuition fees before you leave.

Financial aid and scholarships to participate in the international exchange program

Students who take part in the international exchange program are eligible for a mobility grant:

  • $1,000 for a minimum of four months of studies abroad (one trimester)
  • $1,500 for a minimum of eight months of studies abroad (two trimesters)

To be eligible, you must meet all the eligibility requirements of the international exchange program, and must also

  • Pay tuition fees and the other applicable fees at Saint Paul University before leaving for the host institution;
  • Pay your expenses related to travel, housing, health insurance, and other expenses related to your time abroad;
  • Not receive other financial aid for the exchange program when you apply for the mobility grant.

You must submit your grant application once your participation has been approved.

You can continue to receive scholarships and financial aid from Saint Paul University or the provincial or federal government during your international exchange.