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Several students in Conflict Studies have shown interest in the practice of informal dispute resolution so they can join organizations involved in conflict resolution and prevention such as mediation offices, ombudsman services, staff offices, unions, law firms and companies specializing in negotiation and mediation. Some also anticipate working individually in this field as trainers, consultants or mediators.

As part of their preparation toward practice-based work, our students in the bachelor program already receive first-rate academic training in the following courses: Active Listening, Negotiation, Mediation, Dialogue, Technical and Legal Aspects of Conflict Resolution, Conflicts in Organizations, Local and Community Conflicts, Group Facilitation, and Mentoring in Conflict Resolution.

However, Conflict Studies professors are aware that students want to enhance their education with practical training, exercises and interventions. CIDR will bridge this gap by offering additional preparation for employment through targeted workshops, seminars, interventions, internships, exercises and observations.