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Full Spectrum Resistance with Aric McBay

Monday November 4 at 7 p.m.

Social Innovation Atelier, 95 Clegg

Join us for a talk and lively discussion with author and organizer Aric McBay. Aric will share insights from his latest book, Full Spectrum Resistance, which explores tools and strategies to build powerful and effective social movements for social and environmental justice.

About Full Spectrum Resistance (https://fullspectrumresistance.org/)

In a time when human rights and our living planet are under attack, only powerful social movements and resistance movements can fight back and ensure a future of social and environmental justice.

In Full Spectrum Resistance, author and organizer Aric McBay leads us through key lessons of movements through history and around the world. From the Suffragists to the Black Panthers, from Nelson Mandela to Gay Liberation, McBay illuminates the paths and pitfalls that movements must navigate and the principles that make them succeed.

Full of stirring case studies and practical checklists, this book showcases the hard-won lessons that movements for justice and freedom have learned. Full Spectrum Resistance shows in practical terms how movements organize and succeed.

About Aric McBay (https://www.aricmcbay.org/)

Aric McBay is an organizer, a farmer, and the author of four books. He writes and speaks about effective social movements, and has organized campaigns around prison justice, Indigenous solidarity, pipelines, unionization, and other causes. He lives and farms near Kingston, Ontario, on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory.


The Social Innovation Atelier has a barrier-free entry as well as accessible and gender-neutral washrooms. We ask folks to avoid wearing strong scents for those who have allergies and sensitivities. If you have other accessibility needs, please contact awilson@ustpaul.ca.

The event will be in English, but attendees are welcome to ask questions in French.


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