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Freedom of Expression and Populism

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RECiPEG Workshop
Preliminary notes on the different uses of freedom of expression and the rise of populism
by Julie Paquette, co-director of RECiPEG and professor at the School of Ethics, Social Justice and Public Service
Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 5:30 pm - Guigues 104
Presentation in French
Bilingual discussion period
Traditionally, the defense of freedom of expression is associated with a socially positive stream of thought. In today's liberal societies, few would actively argue against freedom of expression. Still, at a time when discourses are increasingly radicalized and polarized, it is fundamental to understand how individuals who defend freedom of expression are able to orient themselves on the political spectrum in radically different ways. Why (but especially how) do some people defend freedom of expression and policies of social exclusion in the same breath (Todorov, 2008)? It is this question that will guide our reflection during this workshop.

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