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Free Public Conference "Qui va prendre soin des baptisés?" (In French only)

Of course, those who have been abused by a priest or a religious figure are the primary victims and our attention and care should be focused on them first. But abuse has a ripple effect and, ultimately, all of God’s people suffer from this crisis: families and friends of both the victims and the abusers; priests and bishops who did not commit abuse and did not cover it up; and finally all of us: the baptized.

Some cannot bear the shock and live in denial, others in anger, but all are in a situation of mourning. Moreover, for all the baptized, trust has been gravely shaken. Mistrust of the hierarchical structure of the Church, mistrust of priests and religious and even mistrust of God. The Church can no longer be what it used to be. There must be changes: the participation of the laity in decision-making; theological reflection starting from the perspective of the victims, the poor, the oppressed, those who suffer; the formation of priests and religious will have to be revisited to avoid clericalism; and protective procedures and policies will have to be implemented. Only in this way can trust be restored and the gospel be put into practice.

Join us on May 24 at 9am for a public lecture by Professor Dr. Karlijn Demasure, the Director of the Centre for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons at Saint Paul University in Ottawa (Canada). (In French Only)

Prof. Dr. Karlijn Demasure holds a doctorate in theology (Phd, STD) from the Univer-sity of Leuven (Belgium). She acted as the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences (2010-2014) and of Philosophy (2011-2014), at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. She there held the Sisters-of-Our-Lady-of-the-Cross Research Chair in Christian Family Studies (2008-2014). In 2014 she accepted the position as Executive Director of the Center for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. She is full professor and director of the Centre for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons at Saint Paul University since 2019.

It is Free to register for this public conference: https://forms.office.com/r/nsx1bLfi0g

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