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Fostering Canadian Integration for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs): From Learning to Action

Saint Paul University’s Institute for Transformative Leadership, in partnership with the National Newcomer Navigation Network - N4, has developed this new program to help Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals (IEHPs) overcome barriers to finding healthcare jobs in Canada. Pre-registration for the winter 2023 IEHPs program is open - apply now!

Program Description

This program is designed to accompany and support IEHPs with the challenges of finding their place in Canada. It is based on an integrated development model that stresses knowledge, skills and identity (who I am and who I am becoming). The program's content will allow you to develop skills and knowledge for successful integration in Canada while forming a learning community through exercises of personal development and reflective practice (peer mentoring, reflective learning journals, discussion forums). It is training that welcomes you and helps you leverage your expertise in a new cultural context.


Free (funded by IRCC) · Certificate of Attendance · Limited Spots · 100% Online · Peer-to-Peer Mentorship · Live Sessions (recorded for watching anytime, anywhere)

This program was listed in Academica Group's Top Ten daily news items.


  • Self-reflection and discernment
    • What is my story? What do I need to learn?
    • What decisions am I facing?
  • Thriving in Canada's Mosaic
    • Canada's multiculturalism in action
    • History of health care in Canada
  • Social justice and ethics
    • Values and social justice
    • Ethical decision-making
  • Displacement and belonging
    • Immigration experience and trauma
    • Resilience and self-care practices
  • Interpersonal communication
    • Dialogue: listening and speaking skills
    • Collaboration in intercultural settings
  • Integration session
    • Engaging your leadership
    • From learning to action


Winter 2023 - January 9 to March 31, 2023

  • 12 weeks with 2-4 hours of engagement/week.
  • 6 modules, each with 1h of live webinar (recording will be available to participant) and a series of pre-recorded learning videos, readings and practices.
  • Online discussion groups of up to 10 people and volunteer peer mentoring.
  • 6 “Ask me anything” live sessions with the instructors.


International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and International Educated Nurses ( IENs) looking to be optimally employed and thrive in the Canadian Healthcare system.

  • Candidates for this program must have a Canadian address.
  • Application is open to any Canadian province or territory except Quebec.

About the National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4)

The N4 is a national network for the diverse providers who assist newcomers in navigating the complex Canadian healthcare and social service systems. N4 strives to promote professional development and best practices in the field of newcomer navigation, with the goal of improving the experience of newcomers to Canada. For more information about the N4, visit newcomernavigation.ca.