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Five Questions that Change Everything


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Five Questions that Change Everything

Developing true leaders from the inside out: A conversation with Dr. John Scherer and Dr. Miriam Martin, facilitated by Jean Ogilvie

Saturday, April 23, 2022

1 pm to 3 pm  pm EST (via Zoom)

Registration link:   https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMrde-rqzsvE922DogAuZgkp-RwqWdasVnZ

We will be joined for this two-hour zoom session by John Scherer, internationally acclaimed speaker and writer on leadership development and Miriam Martin, one of the founding members of Saint Paul University’s School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality.

Currently based in Warsaw, Poland, we are thrilled with the opportunity to bring John to our locale via the airwaves to share his unique brand of humour, wisdom, deep caring and teaching around leadership as a state of being as much as a set of skills.

John’s goal at this point in his career is to support all of us to be the most inspiring and effective leaders we can be, whatever domain we are working in.  This session will be a condensed presentation based on Five Questions That Change Everything, the title of his ground-breaking book.  The questions are:

1. What am I facing?

2. What am I bringing?

3. What runs me?

4. What calls me?

5. What unleashes me?

Taking on these questions one at a time leads us directly into our own authentic expression of the gifts we bring. Such a worthy and interesting journey to undertake in the company of other committed souls!

The event offers an opportunity to be in dialogue, actively take part in exercises, learn some new ideas and frames of reference, meet new co-travellers on a path of development and leave with some clear steps for strengthening our own leadership.

John Scherer - Bio

John Scherer has spent his career supporting leaders and organizations to do the inner work required to think, believe and behave in a way that supports the emerging future. Currently based in Warsaw, John is one of the most experienced, innovative and practical organization effectiveness consultants around today, with a client list that has included Boeing, Marriott, DHL, The Sisters of Mercy, the US Army/Navy and several client departments in the Canadian government including Canada School. His 2008 book, Five Questions that Change Everything, has been called ‘the best business-self-help book ever written’. In 2012 Stephen Covey’s Executive Excellence magazine listed John as one of America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders. In 2015 the Organization Development Network awarded John the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Miriam K. Martin – Bio

Miriam  K. Martin has been a professor at Saint Paul University since 1995, she is now an adjunct professor. As a practical theologian involved in ecology and religious education, she has worked in a variety of professional settings. Since coming to the University, she has been involved with many academic and continuing education programs creating transformative learning experience through her creative pedagogy that seeks to help learners integrate the personal, professional and spiritual development. Her innovative teaching was recognized by 2013 Capital Educators’ Awards and Ontario Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award for teaching excellence. She is one of the founders of the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

About the Activating the Heart in Higher Education Series

We believe the purpose of education is to nurture our wholeness and help us understand the complexity of the world. This project is an invitation to integrate cognitive intelligence that defines the academia, with the intelligences of the heart, body and will. Our intention is to create transformative learning experiences that activate our hearts to the experience of wholeness and the healing of painful divisions inherent in our social systems.

This project is funded by the Relance Project of Saint Paul University.


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