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Filming at SPU

If you were on campus last Monday, you probably observed a somewhat unusual sight. All day long, a pair of expert videographers, a group of keen extras and the excited members of Recruitment and Communications Services took over key locations on campus to shoot Saint Paul University’s next promotional video. Sunshine, good spirits and creative genius were on display for this skillfully choreographed ballet.

Authenticity and communication

Jean-Michel and Marie-Andrée Ouimet of Klash Médias studio were hired to produce the video. “Our work,” explains Jean-Michel, “involves putting into images the spirit and culture of the University.” The videographer, who often visited SPU as a student, found himself in familiar territory. “When I took my sound technology course here 15 years ago, authenticity was already part of the teaching philosophy; they made sure we understood the analogue foundation of digital technologies.”

How do these two creative people navigate the tsunami of technical tricks that sweeps their industry? Marie-Andrée reassures us: “We try to distance ourselves from the digital side to focus on the person. We must never lose sight of our goal: good communication.”

Jean-Michel and Marie-Andrée Ouimet
Jean-Michel Ouimet and two extras from SPU

Organization and flexibility

To achieve this goal, they have embraced a rather surprising approach: “We do a lot of preparation before each shoot, but we allow what is natural to unfold in front of the camera,” says Marie-Andrée. “You have to be super organized and super flexible,” adds Jean-Michel. Seeing them move from one scene to the next with a discipline, a synchronicity and an agility worthy of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, you know that without a doubt, this approach works.

What did they think of their extras – the students and professors who were recruited a bit on the fly? “There were so many volunteers. We don’t often see that!” Marie-Andrée notes. “That says a lot about the degree of attachment to and engagement with Saint Paul. And it’s noticeable behind the camera.”

Stay tuned. The new SPU promotional video will be ready very soon!

What about the extras?

In under 48 hours, more than 20 students, support staff and professors expressed interest in being part of the video. We surveyed a few students behind the scenes to get their impressions.

Jean-Michel Ouimet and two extras from SPU

Marie-Andrée Ouimet and two extras from SPU

“I loved the experience – you are organized and so nice! … I wanted to participate because I am proud to study at Saint Paul. I identify with my program (Conflict Studies) and with SPU itself. I feel fortunate to study here.”

Claude-Annie Beaudoin, graduate
Honours BA in Conflict Studies

Claude-Annie Beaudoin

“I told myself it would be a cool experience to have before finishing my studies, because I will graduate this year. I loved it – it was really fun. And it immerses us in a context that is very different from our classes.”

Roxana Manoiu, 2nd-year student,
master’s in Counselling and Spirituality

Roxana Manoiu
“I thought it would be a fun experience and a good way to meet people. I felt like trying something new. I was also curious to see what happens behind the scenes. It’s really fascinating.”

Krista Colwell, 2nd-year student,
master’s in Counselling and Spirituality

Krista Colwell

Thanks again to all our generous extras!


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