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Graduate Diploma in
Contemplative Theology and Spiritual Mentorship


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 Contemplative Theology and Spiritual Mentorship




This program is an opportunity to explore the contemplative and mystical tradition of Christianity in dialogue with the sciences (history, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, etc.) as well as other spiritualities (zen, vipassana, yoga, mindfulness, Sufism, etc.). The aim is to identify the helps and the obstacles along the way to Fullness (unio mystica), as well as the elements involved in the active discernment of spiritual accompaniment that is alert to and adaptable to the challenges of the moment.



We wish to address this goal informed by the idea that “a theologian is someone who prays, and whoever prays is a theologian” (Evagrius Ponticus). The theological conversation arises out of silence and is impelled to return there. This program is not limited to the transmission of theory. It seeks, rather, to deepen the experience of the sacred while allowing itself to be addressed by the life and teaching of the great spiritual writers.



- to understand the dynamic and the particulars of Christian contemplative experiences

- to locate the controversies and questions, both past and present, that relate to the challenges of the contemplative way, and to provide informed answers to them

- to identify and apply to one’s own experience the major elements of a discerning spiritual accompaniment that are appropriate to the challenges of the time

- to articulate clearly and to deepen one’s own interior journey in the light of the theoretical material offered

- to establish critical and constructive connections between the Christian contemplative way and other spiritualities

- to demonstrate the contribution and the limits of the sciences in describing contemplative experiences



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Program director

  • Dr. Fabrice BLÉE

Assistant program director

  • The Rev. Kevin FLYNN