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Collaboration in offering the Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL)


We are pleased to announce collaboration between Saint Paul University (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) and Saint Patrick’s College (Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland) in offering the Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL). We are prepared to begin this collaboration during the Fall Session 2017 if there is sufficient interest among students.

This collaboration results in the Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL) degree from Saint Paul University bestowed upon students who pursue courses at a distance and on the campus of Saint Patrick's College over a period of four years. Over these four years, students take distance education courses during the Fall Session and Winter Session, and then a two-week intensive course during the Spring/Summer Session (late July/early August) on the campus of Saint Patrick College.



Fall Session

Winter Session

Spring/Summer Session




Residential – St Patrick’s College




Residential – St Patrick’s College




Residential – St Patrick’s College




Residential – St Patrick’s College


The JCL degree consists of 75 credits, 66 of which are from compulsory courses and 9 of which are from optional courses. The JCL curriculum is governed by Sapientia Christiana (15 April 1979) and subsequent legislation and norms of the Holy See. The curriculum provides a solid historical and theoretical basis for all current canonical legislation of the Latin Church, and emphasizes the pastoral application of this law.

All students will simultaneously receive the civil diploma of Master of Canon Law (MCL), granted jointly by Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa (with which Saint Paul University has been federated since 1965).


Why Choose This Option?


Pursuing formation in canon law through this joint venture provides many advantages for students:


  • They (and their families) can remain in their homes and communities without having to relocate.
  • They can retain their current ministry/employment.
  • They can follow classes live or recorded (the latter allows much flexibility, even if only now and then).
  • They will achieve their formation at a more relaxed pace of four years: the full-time program is two years (six semesters).
  • They will gather at Saint Patrick’s College for two weeks annually to collaborate with professors and fellow students, to do research, to pursue joint activities, and to enjoy enriching canonical exchanges.
  • They can access an excellent canon law library and resources at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.
  • They will benefit from the expertise of a team of internationally renowned and dedicated professors.
  • They can enjoy a superb range of affordable accommodations on a historic and attractive campus with easy access to Dublin city centre and airport.

General information about the JCL formation (admission requirements, courses, etc.) is available on the SPU website at https://ustpaul.ca/program-new/licentiate-in-canon-law-311.htm


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