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Evaluation of Teaching and Courses


Online Evaluation of Teaching and Courses

Saint Paul University invites you to participate in the online evaluation of teaching and courses by completing the official evaluation questionnaire.

Online evaluation has many benefits for students, professors and support staff. These include respect for the environment, compliance with accessibility standards, and access from different mobile devices.

What are the benefits of the teaching and course evaluations? 

  • Improve professors’ teaching skills
  • Determine the success of teaching and courses
  • Share the views of students about courses anonymously
  • Make an informed and well-thought-out choice of courses
  • Improve the quality of student experience in the classroom and the more general university experience
  • Play an active role in the evaluation process that will affect future generations

How do I participate?

At Saint Paul University, all courses involving at least nine contact hours with the same professor will be subject to an evaluation by students, regardless of the number of students and the teaching method used. If two or more professors teach a course, each professor is evaluated at the end of the part of the course that he or she taught if the part represents more than nine hours in that course.

Evaluations take place near the end of courses, on specific dates. The evaluation is done online at any given time during a two-week period. In the classroom, a 20-minute period is given (do not forget to bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone); the professor needs to leave the classroom during the time that the online evaluation is being completed.

Additional information on the online evaluation of teaching and courses

The University of Ottawa manages the online evaluation of teaching and courses for Saint Paul University through the Blue platform.

More information about the online evaluation process is available at