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Emerging Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies in Canada

Emerging Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies in Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 18-20, 2015
Submission Deadline: 1 March 2015

Hosted by
Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies, Canadian Mennonite University
Menno Simons College, Canadian Mennonite University at University of Winnipeg
Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice, University of Manitoba
Global College, University of Winnipeg
This Call for Proposals arises from a workshop held in Ottawa in May 2014, where participants
recommended establishing regular Canadian Peace and Conflict Studies conferences. There will be a
meeting at the conference to discuss forming a national association.

Keynote speakers:
Christopher Marshall - Professor of Restorative Justice, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Jessica Senehi - Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba

Submission Guidelines
Abstracts should be submitted for peer review by no later than 1 March, 2015. Proposers will be
notified via email of proposal acceptance as soon as possible.

Individual Paper Proposal
Provide a 250 word abstract for individual presentations (about 20 minutes). These will be combined
to comprise sessions with three participants. Individual presentations may be in the form of academic papers or practice work.

Panel Proposal
Full panel proposals should include a short description and rationale (200 words) along with abstracts for each of the presentations (250 words each) and contact details for all panelists. Session formats that allow for audience participation and engagement are encouraged.
Proposals should address emerging peace and conflict studies issues in Canada. Possible topics linked to the theme include the following:

  •  Peace, Justice, and Multiculturalism in Canada
  •  Indigenous-Settler relations in Canada
  •  Canada in a post-colonial context
  •  Gender issues in Canada
  •  Feminist perspectives on Peace and Justice issues in Canada
  •  Climate change implications in Canada
  •  Natural resource extraction and management in Canada
  •  Interfaith relations in Canada
  •  When Human Rights claims clash
  •  Peace Education in Canada
  •  The relationship of global education and peace education in Canada
  •  The impact of International Service learning programs
  •  Issues and insights in Mediation
  •  Restorative Justice initiatives in Canada
  •  Circle processes in Canada
  •  Conflict resolution or conflict transformation?
  •  Peace, Justice, and emerging technologies in Canada
  •  The use of technology in the promotion of peace
  •  Theoretical frameworks to understand peace and justice issues in Canada
  •  Innovative efforts for Peace and Justice in Canada

Up to two proposals are welcome. Proposals may be for individual papers or for a full panel.
Abstracts will be evaluated on their relevance to the theme—conceptual framework, quality of
methods used, and originality. Papers will be considered for possible publication in Peace Research:
The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies. Regrettably, no travel or accommodation
bursaries are available for presenters.

About Winnipeg
Winnipeg universities offer degrees in peace and conflict studies ranging from BA to PhD. Winnipeg sits in the middle of Canada and North America. We are known for our rather extreme weather, but June is warm and pleasant. Winnipeg has a lively sports, music and arts cultural scene and is home to the spectacular Canadian Museum for Human Rights. A visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will be one of the conference options.

Please submit all abstracts to John Derksen

If you have questions about the conference or process, contact:
Maria Shokpeka

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