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Dismissal of a Religious: Recent Modifications & Canonical Challenges

March 8, 2023

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The Dismissal of a Religious is a difficult process for all those involved and its application has become rather challenging to those who are in leadership within the Religious Institutes. Pope Francis, being a religious himself, has modified lately certain aspects of canon law regarding the Dismissal of Members of Religious Institutes: Apostolic Letter issued motu proprio Communis vita (19 March 2019); Apostolic Letter issued motu proprio Recognitum Librum VI (26 April 2022); Apostolic Letter issued motu proprio Competentias quasdam decernere (11 February 2022). 

This webinar intends to highlight significant changes in the revised canon law, which addresses the new ecclesial needs and perspectives vis-à-vis Dismissal of a Religious. It also deals with some challenges regarding the protection of rights of the individual religious and of the Institutes, duties of those in leadership within the Religious Institutes and transparency of the dismissal process.