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Did you know that the University of Ottawa offers a choice of 40 minors to USP BA?

June 26, 2019 - Now you can choose a minor from the 40 offered at the University of Ottawa and combine them with your program at Saint Paul University.

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Who is eligible?
All students who are registered at Saint Paul University in a bachelor program. Students must have obtained at least 24 credits before choosing their minor.
Students who are part of the 2 + 2 program cannot choose a minor, as 60 credits for their university studies have already been recognized as course equivalences. In other words, all of their electives have already been chosen.

Where are the courses for the minors given?
On the uOttawa campus.

How do I register?
Eligible students must make an appointment with their academic advisor. Together, you will submit a change of program form to add the minor to your bachelor’s degree. Once the minor is accepted, you must contact the academic advisor to register in the courses for the minor.

How many courses are needed for a minor?
A minor comprises 30 disciplinary credits, which is 10 courses.

For all questions about admission to the University of Ottawa’s minors programs, please contact your academic advisor:

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