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Dementia and Spirituality

Conversation with Rev Prof Elizabeth MacKinlay AM, FACN, Ph.D.

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth MacKinlay

Date and Time: November 24th, 2021, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.



Dr. MacKinlay is both a registered nurse and a priest in the Anglican Church of Australia. She was the inaugural Director of the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies at St Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra 2001 to 2012. She is an Adjunct Research Professor, Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre, Charles Sturt University and Director, CAPS (Colloquium for Aging Perspectives and Spirituality) Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, CSU. She researches issues of spirituality, wellbeing, frailty, dementia and ageing. The book: Finding meaning in the experience of dementia. (MacKinlay and Trevitt) was awarded the 2013 Australasian Journal of Ageing book prize. A companion book 2015 is titled: Facilitating spiritual reminiscence for people with dementia: A learning guide. A second edition of Elizabeth’s book: The Spiritual Dimension of Ageing 2nd edition was published in 2017. Her latest research is a PaCT funded study (2019): Finding meaning in the experience of frailty.




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