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About to graduate? You’ve nearly made it!

To receive your degree, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you are a graduating student, you must register in order to receive your degree, whether or not you are attending your Convocation ceremony in June 2019.

Evaluating whether you are eligible to graduate

At the beginning of your final term, an evaluation of your file is conducted to determine if you are eligible to graduate. If you are, you will receive an email at your address with instructions on how to register.

Once you’ve registered, the Registrar’s Office will analyze your file in greater depth to confirm that you meet your program requirements. Once you’ve successfully completed them, your name is submitted to the Senate to be confirmed for graduation. If for some reason your degree is not granted at this time, you must subsequently resubmit the request for diploma form.

If you don’t receive an email

If you think you have met the requirements of your program by the end of the 2018 Spring/Summer term and have not received an email asking you to complete the Registration for Degree and Request for Diploma form, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

If you have an amount owing on your Saint Paul University account

If you have an amount owing on your Saint Paul University account (library fine, tuition fees, etc.), you will not be able to participate in the Convocation ceremony nor will you receive diplomas, certificates, transcripts or enrolment verification documents (statements of studies, statements of degrees conferred).

Registration to graduate

All graduating students must register in order to receive their degree. Online registration is open from November 6 to November 23, 2018.

If you are expected to graduate, you will receive an email to your address when online registration opens.

How to register

To apply, log into uoCampus through the student portal on the Intranet.  Under the Self Service menu, select Degree Progress/Graduation, select Apply for Graduation, then follow the instructions on the page. Once you have applied, you can track your graduation status at any time.

Note: If missed the registration period above, you must submit a completed Registration for Degree and Request for Diploma (PDF) form to the Registrar’s Office at

Name Pronunciation

On the registration form, indicate how the presenter should pronounce your name. To help the presenter read your name clearly, write ONLY the phonetic pronunciation of your name in the designated box (see examples of what to do and what not to do below).

You can select the language in which your name should be pronounced (English or French) from a separate list on the form.

Last name

First name

What to do - Phonetic full name

What NOT to do



Shantal El-ga-rib

My last name is pronounced “elle-ga-rib.” Thanks!



Ee-un de-lorm

Pronounce my name in English



Lookas Shoomaacher

Phonetic surname: Shoomacher




I am no longer attending convocation.