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Convocation 2018: Valedictorians are ready to be the face of change

Inspire. Encourage. Motivate. That is the mandate that Laurette Milonga-Kaphemba (conflict Studies), Maria Dagba (social Communication) and MH Casimiro (public ethics) gave themselves as valedictorians. Mission accomplished! These young bachelor’s students eloquently addressed the University community last Friday during convocation. Get to know these three inspiring graduates!

Laurette Milonga-KaphembaMaria DagbaMarie-Hélène Casimiro

More than a campus: a family

Although the three young graduates do not know exactly what the future holds, they are sure of one thing: Saint Paul University was the right choice!

“In leaving the Congo to come and study in Canada,” Laurette says, “I discovered a new world. For me, Saint Paul has been a big family. My professors were always there for me.” Maria, also an international student, echoes these comments. “I found something different at Saint Paul. Here, the emphasis is on the person. The administration really supported me,” she explains. For MH, SPU is characterized above all through its community spirit. “I liked going to class in the morning, even at 9 a.m.!”



Three paths: one commitment

Although they studied in different disciplines, Laurette, Maria and MH have something in common: they are ready ‒ and determined ‒ to transform society!

Before starting a master’s in international relations, Laurette wants to work for an NGO. “I would like to work at the United Nations or in the humanitarian field,” she says. Maria is starting her master’s in the fall. “It will be in conflict studies or international affairs,” she says. MH will start law studies in September. “There are so many opportunities in this area,” he says, “but I would like to participate in the democratic process, such as being a clerk in the House of Commons.”



Taught to think… and act!

The relevance of studies in the human sciences can seem obscure. However, insist our three valedictorians, Saint Paul University allowed them to develop concrete abilities.

“In public ethics,” says MH, “I learned to apply my analytical and critical mind, a crucial skill in many job sectors. We also learned to apply abstract ideas when it comes to social justice issues.” Laurette, meanwhile, says she learned the importance of active communication. “Thanks to the program, I learned about peaceful methods for conflict resolution. I am currently training to become a neutral third party.” Maria has also broadened her skills. “I worked on all aspects of promoting a social cause. The learning is interdisciplinary.”

Congratulations and all the best
to our three valedictorians!

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