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Communication and Human Rights

The Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance
is pleased to invite you to the lecture of
Professor Aliaa Dakroury, School of Social Communication:

Communication and Human Rights

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m., Room G101

The lecture will be bilingual.



"Communication and Human Rights" offers a conceptual scheme for understanding the implicit interrelationship between these two fields. Claims about communication as a basic, available-for-all, taken-for-granted human right, as stated in various declarations, raise heated debates and controversies in practice, such as hate speech, propaganda, and even claims for publishing criminal diaries and pornography. We begin with an examination of the nature and context of these various declarations, followed by a provisional conceptualization of the concept “right”. To unpack these debates, this original book looks into the position of different thinkers and intellectuals: from Milton, Locke, and Voltaire to Dewey, Habermas, and Schiller; concluding that a possible Right to Communicate would build on Habermas’ validity, where this right is related to a specific type of communication—right-based communication—that is characterized by pureness, truth, and sincerity on the one hand, and the existence of a relative relationship between a claim of a right to send and the responsibility towards receivers on the other.

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