Mercy and Presentation Sisters Chair in Religious Education and Catechesis
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Mission and Aims

The Chair seeks to support the appointment and the work of a full-time professor, whose role involves:

  • promoting and providing teaching in religious education and catechesis;
  • fostering theological and practical reflection on the importance and value of education in faith;
  • fostering the development of leadership in religious education and catechesis;
  • organizing conferences and carrying out research in Religious Education and Catechesis;
  • establishing links with other research centres and organizations dedicated to studying faith formation;
  • ensuring that Saint Paul University obtains and makes available (e.g., through the University’s Jean-Léon Allie Library) the results of theological, educational and social research on religious education and catechesis;
  • serving as a resource person(s) for groups interested in issues related to theological and educational reflection on Religious Education and Catechesis.

Miriam K. Martin/Mystle PowerProf. Miriam K Martin, pbvm was appointed the first holder of the chair in May 2007.

She was joined by Dr. Myrtle Power and they work together to achieve the goals of the Chair.